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Worship Leader Position (full-time)

Pleasant Hill is a growing body of believers in the top 20 in the state of Georgia in baptisms. We are looking for a Minister who has a calling to Ministry first with a primary gift in Worship. The principal function of the Worship Pastor at Pleasant Hill is to glorify God through all music related ministry programs, activities, and worship services at Pleasant Hill. However, we are looking for a team player who can come alongside the existing staff and help us to grow, nurture, and feed the flock God has called to Pleasant Hill. While the Worship Ministry of Pleasant Hill will be the primary responsibility of the Worship Pastor, we are looking for someone who is called to Minister at all levels of church life. Our staff at Pleasant Hill serves in whatever capacity we can to further the Kingdom for His glory. 


Candidate needs to have a solid musical background, and preferred that candidate can play an instrument.

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